Artist Statement

Artwork has always been my secret garden, my way down the rabbit hole, my looking glass.
I think it all started when I was a child and told to stay out of my mother’s sewing box.   The little green box called to me.  What were these mysterious tools and implements?  I eventually inherited the little green box and from that began an exploration that would last my entire life. From the beginning the process of transforming fabric and string into something more than it was before always seems magical to me.  Over the years, that mysterious process has had a profound effect on me, leading me from hobby to art. Creating art fills me with a sense of accomplishment and coherence like nothing else, and has proven a most amenable vehicle for translating inner vision to outer reality.
I prefer to approach my artwork from a spontaneous perspective. Though I work quite deliberately, consciously employing both traditional and innovative techniques, my subconscious is the undisputed ruler.  I have a great respect for traditional quilters but my true but first love is creating unique, one-of-kind personally designed, quilts using contemporary tools, dyes, paints and techniques.
The forgiving nature of my chosen medium frees my imagination and provides many opportunities for happy accidents and the grace to influence the finished product.
Recently I discovered some old quilts that I had made when I was first starting out, simple, mismatched patchworks that resonate deeply with my fiber work. Inspired and invigorated by a renewed sense of continuity, and awed by the mystery of how creation occurs, I am now quilting with richly varied fabrics exploring many patterns, textures and colors.  I have, over time, evolved from buying dime store fabric to creating my own hand dyes, hand painted  and digitally printed fabrics.  

For me, art is what life is about. Dyeing cloth puts color in a tactile, tangible form making it accessible to everyone.  Arranging one color against the next causes a visceral reaction in me. It is an emotional push and pull. Color sets up the excitement; shape and line and symbol set up the meaning. My art helps me to understand my own story as well as my place in the stories of others.  It helps me to understand myself and my relationship to others and the world around me. I love every part of the process.